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Bist du dir sicher? German Expressions of Certainty

English adjectives for being sure or certain about something are often interchangeable, but German expressions like bestimmt, gewiss, and sicher are more specific to the particular context in which they are used. Let's take a look at all three.


Bestimmt can mean either "definitely"


Du machst Filme und die Leute sagen „Das wird bestimmt so“,

You make films and the people say, "It will definitely be like this",

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or in the nominalized noun something specific or in particular:


Wenn du mal was Bestimmtes vorhaben würdest...

If you were up to something specific...

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Gewiss can mean "certain" in the standard sense


Die Unterstützung des Schirmherrn

The support of the patron

ist den Fußballfrauen also gewiss.

for the women's soccer [team] is certain.

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or as a suggestion of vagueness or uncertainty, a "certain something":


Aber ein gewisser Druck bleibt trotzdem.

But a certain [amount of] pressure remains nevertheless.

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Sicher can mean "certain"


Ich bin mir sicher, es wird klappen.

I am sure it will work out.

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but in other contexts it means "safe":


Es is' 'n sicherer Standplatz.

It is a safe location.

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The words bestimmt, gewiss, and sicherlich can be used interchangeably when meaning "of course" or "certainly": Sicherlich / Bestimmt / Gewiss werden wir die Deutschprüfung bestehen. (We will certainly pass the German test.)


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