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Easter Traditions in Germany

Although Easter has been a predominantly Christian holiday in Germany for the last millennia, a number of originally pagan-based traditions still survive. Let's talk about some German Easter traditions and find some examples of the words in other contexts on Yabla.


Although largely supplanted by the Easter Bunny (Osterhase), some regions still imagine different animals delivering the eggs. In parts of North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, the eggs are still brought by the Easter Fox (Osterfuchs). Parts of Saxony have the tradition of the Easter Rooster (Osterhahn), and Thuringia still has the Easter Stork (Osterstorch).


Oder die meisten denken, es wär' irgendwie Hase oder Fuchs.

Or most of them think it's somehow rabbit or fox.

Caption 12, Queensberry - gegen Pelz

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In much the same way as the pagan tradition of the decorated tree came to be associated with Christmas, the Easter Egg Tree (Ostereierbaum) is also a popular tradition still in Germany and Scandinavia. Branches are gathered from outside and decorated with colored eggs.


Da hat der für Eier keine Zeit!

He has no time for eggs there!

Caption 56, Welt-Pi-Tag - Unser Leben mit der Kreiszahl

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A favorite cake made during the Easter Holidays is called the "Easter Lamb," or Osterlamm, and is baked in the shape of a reclining lamb.


Die ist ihnen nachgelaufen wie ein Lamm.

She ran after them like a lamb.

Caption 20, Für Tierfreunde - Przewalski-Wildpferde

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Easter is also a convenient way to remember in German when to put on or remove the snow tires from your car:


Von O. bis O., also von Oktober bis Ostern,

From O. to O. [E.], so from October to Easter

sollte man mit Winterreifen fahren.

you should drive with winter tires.

Captions 4-5, Winterreifen - Wenn der erste Schnee naht

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Außerdem steht das Osterfest kurz bevor.

Aside from that, the Easter celebration is approaching.

Caption 4, Papst Franziskus - Der neue Papst hat viel zu tun

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Happy Easter holidays to all of you from all of us at Yabla!



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